Drug Prevention & Education

Drug Awareness & Education

As part of our PSHE curriculum, we will be having presentations from Naronon on drug education, on Thursday 7th March 2019.

The following topics will be covered:

Section 1
The opening section deals with the question what is a drug, plus the differences between physical addiction and mental addiction. It demonstrates the effect that stimulants have on the body’s metabolism using easy to understand examples.

Section 2
This section looks at the three stages of a drug’s effect on the body. The gradually developed need for increased quantities of alcohol and drugs is also looked at. Finally, the unpredictability of the body in its reaction to drugs is explained.

Section 3
People think they’re ‘being different’ when they take a drug, in actual fact it’s the opposite. This section looks at the effect of different drugs on people’s personalities and how a drug-taker starts to lose much of his individual character.

Section 4
For most attendees this section is a real eye opener. Research has shown that residues can apparently remain in the fatty tissues and can stay there indefinitely, affecting a person for years afterwards.

Section 5
In section five the mental effects of drug and alcohol use are demonstrated. Blank periods occur during substance abuse which effect the mind’s ability to think in sequence and also effect its memory and analytical powers.

Section 6
Why do people take drugs in the first place? This question is answered in this section. The factor of diminished responsibility is also looked at as well as the dwindling spiral of drug taking. Finally the presentation ends on a positive note and looks at the real ‘highs’ to be attained when one achieves one’s goals in life.