Science Greenwich Trip



The science department, led by Mr Roopak, went on a trip to Cutty Sark & Greenwich with a group of nearly 30 KS3 students (of Years 7 and 8).

The first part of the trip was to explore the Cutty Sark, the fastest sailing ship of the 19th century and currently an award-winning visitor attraction. This was followed by a tour of the National Maritime Museum – the world’s largest maritime museum. Finally, we walked uphill to the Royal Observatory Greenwich to view a show on ‘Solar System, Galaxy, Universe’ at the London’s only planetarium.

The trip covers many areas of education of different levels including History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Marine Sciences. The show at the planetarium covers topics of KS3 Physics. Resources displayed at the National Maritime Museum provide a rich source of information on many areas of KS3 Geography and Chemistry. The Cutty Sark ship provides additional knowledge of 19th Century History and Engineering. An external view of the Queen’s House on the way to the observatory exemplifies English architecture of the 17th century.


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