GGSKC V Robert Clack - 8th June 2022

It was a bright sunny day at Robert Clack. The GGSKC skipper Aahaan Srivastav lost the toss and Robert Clack elected to bowl first. The openers were Aahaan and Yuvraj. The conditions were clear and dry as the ball did not show much movement. However, Robert Clack was bowling well as GGSKC were off to a slow start. They were restricted to only singles as the slow outfield restricted further boundaries. In quick succession, Robert Clack announced their first wicket as Yuvraj chipped it straight to the fielder. Yuvraj was out for just one run. At number 3 came Aum. Aahaan and Aum had a crucial partnership as they stayed on the crease. A good rotation of strike was seen as boundaries started coming from Aahaan’s bat. After 16 overs, Aahaan hit one straight in the air and got caught after a well-made knock of 30 runs with 3 fours, 16 singles and one twos. In at number four came Avinesh. Unfortunately, Avinesh got out on his first ball and had to depart. At number 5 came Sri who hit several boundaries early on her innings. She then hit a great shot which went for six. Aum continued to score however, he eventually got run out on 20. Sri as well got out as she was caught, trying to go for another hit. She was out for a well-made knock of 17. The innings came to a close as GGSKC posted a decent margin of 100 runs to win.

Yuvraj and Aum opened the bowling as a couple of wides came on. The extras were costing heavy on GGSKC. Aryan improved, however Robert Clack dominated. Aahaan then gave the ball to Kavin as he bowled an exceptional over. Despite that, wickets were needed. Then Aahaan came in and got a wicket first ball. After a couple of balls, he announced his second wicket. It was a great over from Aahaan and very much needed. On the other hand, wides and extras came about from the other bowlers. However, Yuvraj made a comeback and took one wicket and ran out the best batsman on Robert Clack’s team. Aum as well managed to take two wickets as Aahaan took an outstanding catch. Kavin contributed further as well as he took two wickets.

Finally, we reached the last two overs and Aahaan was bowling. The batsman hit two sixes as Aahaan was not pleased. He brought out his best variation of spin which tricked the batsman as he chipped one straight in the air and a caught by GGSKC’s best wicket keeper Shiva as Aahaan got 3 wickets to his name. Aum trusted his abilities and opted to bowl the last over. 6 runs were needed to win. A brilliantly bowled over by Aum was a game changer as he restricted the batters from getting bat on ball. Robert Clack needed 3 runs to win of the last ball. Aum bowled a great ball and the batsman missed it. Shiva hit the stumps for a run out and GGSKC won by 2 runs. The only concern that could have taken the game away from GGSKC were the 65 extras. But GGSKC managed to fight back.

Man of the match: Aum

 Written by Aahaan