Football: GGSKC V Langdon School (Match 1)

The first fixture was for our year 8s and 9s on the 15th November 2016. The score resulting in a 3-1 loss for GGSK College.

The game was very competitive with both teams battling very well. It was Langdon that struck first. After some great defending from GGSK the ball unfortunately dropped to a Langdon player inside our penalty box and was slotted powerfully passed our goal keeper on 17th minute.

We had some near opportunities with striker Kabir (year8) who just seemed inches away from getting on the end of several through balls from Simran Duncan.  There were some great passing combinations in the middle of the field from Simran (y9), Suraj (y9) and Terry (y8) but the final pass just seemed to be either too short or too long for our strikers.

Just before half time, Langdon scored a second with a fabulous strike from the edge of our penalty box.  Half time 2-0

Second half saw GGSK come out with some fight. Simran Duncan stood out as he dribbled past several players and striking some good shots which were saved by the Langdon goal keeper. It was no surprise when Simran (y9) danced his way through the Langdon defence from midfield, then sent a power low shot passed the Langdon goal keeper to make it 2-1

It was end to end stuff with both teams trying to grab another goal. Some impressive defensive play from Balesh (y9) kept Langdon out many times. But it was young Michael (y7) who was making his first appearance for GGSK that really stood out. Some strong tackles and powerful runs forward spread confidence amongst his fellow team mates as GGSK battled on. Aman (y9) made some fantastic saves as goal keeper as Langdon pushed on for another goal. His awareness and anticipation for balls coming through our defence really made the difference. But as tiredness kicked, it was Langdon who scored their third goal in the dying minutes. A miss kicked cross from the left found its way into the back our net to the surprise of everyone, including the Langdon player himself who couldn’t help but laugh at his fortune. Score ending a 3-1 loss for GGSK College.

. Man of the match for GGSK College; MICHAEL (Y7)

Team: Taran R (y8), Terry (y8), Om (y8), Emmanuel (y8), Kabir (y8), Imanjot (8), Jay (7), Michael (y7), Simran (y9), Balesh (y9), Guru (y9), Aman (y9), Suraj (9)