Cricket - May 11th 2016

On a cloudy afternoon with a few rain drops here and there, GGSKC travelled to Mayfield School.

There were cricket debuts for many year 7’s. Imanjot Singh, Amrit Kainth, Jaskierat Sanghera, Om Kavia, Arran Gill and Mehul from year 6 who has impressed us in PE in cricket lessons.

Newly appointed captain for this fixture was Eshan Azhar. Mayfield won the toss and chose to bowl first.

Simran Duncan and Eshan Azhar opened up the batting. Simran Duncan making one 4 and seven singles.  Eshan Azhar making 7 singles. The pair made many runs off  wide balls missed by the Mayfield wicket keeper. Eshan Azhar was eventually bowled by the impressive Mayfield captain. In stepped Arran Gill for his Cricket debut for GGSK and he did not disappoint. Making five singles, one double and many intelligent runs off wide balls. Simran Duncan was bowled out so in stepped Yuvraj Gill. Making 2 singles. Arron Gill was caught out after an impressive debut and was replaced by another debutant Jaskierat Sanghera. After Juskierat defended some fast balls bowled he was bowled out after facing 5 balls. But a great experience for him. We made a score of 79 runs.  A score we would have to defend with good bowling and fielding. Which is exactly what we did!!

Our bowling was very strong. Aman Hunjan impressed by taking two wickets from his first of two over’s bowled and a catch from the field. Aman Kalia taking an amazing 5 wickets from only 3 overs. Amrit Kainth impressed on his debut with impressive and consistent bowling as well as Balesh Nithi Rajah. We bowled all 15 overs and Mayfield manage to score 70 runs. A win for GGSKC

Man of the match- Aman Hunjan



Eshan Azhar (captain)

Yuvraj Gill

Aman Hunjan

Amrit Kainth

Om Kavia

Jaskierat Sanghera

Imonjot Singh

Simran Duncan

Aman Kalia

Gurunanma Sugeshe

Arran Gill

Balesh Nithi Rajah

Mehul (year 6)