'Bleep Test' & Top Golf

This term in PE we have been focusing on fitness and conditioning. We have done this to not only ensure students are able to play and compete in sports but to also to give them a better understanding of why being active is important in life.


We have carried out many lessons involving:

  • Endurance Training
  • Boxercise
  • Body Conditioning Circuits

to push our students past their comfort zones.


All students’ first lessons this term were a ‘bleep test’. The bleep test records student’s fitness level throughout the test. It‘s a continuous running exercise where students must reach each end of a 20 metre track on a bleeping sound. The test gets progressively faster which In turn becomes harder.  We then carried out various fitness exercises stated above, in the following weeks, building up to students retaking the bleep test to record any improvement.


Many students made an improvement which is fantastic. We decided to reward those students who made the most improvement from their first bleep test with a trip to TOPGOLF.


The following students showed a great attitude facing a term of fitness and conditioning and in turn made the most improvement in their year group:


YEAR 7- Sonali, Simran, Rufaida, Bhavna, Jasmeet, Rabia, Tapiwa, Humza, Jasdeep, Nithin

YEAR 8- Simrat, Aman

Year 9- Jadavan, Awtar, Abrar, Christy, Akhil, Jasleen

YEAR 10-  Bhavin, Mohan

Year 11- Wannis, Akash, Sunjit, Harjohd, Sahib, Arvin, Asad, Printha, Dilpreet, Babitha, Artihga


Well done to all the students who took part!