Year 6 Mixed Cricket Team - GGSKC V Calverton Primary School

Year 6 victorious!

Our year 6 mixed quick cricket team (boys and girls) had their first competitive fixture against Calverton primary school on the 24th May 2016. This group of students have been fantastic in PE this year and have taken to learning new sports really well. This term in PE we have been breaking down the different elements of quick cricket from fielding, batting, bowling to key communication skills and quick decision making. This is not to only understand the game but to build confidence in outwitting opponents to win.  All students had done really well in PE so it was very hard for me to pick a team of 15. I also included Keerthan from year 5 and Yusef from year 4 who have equally been impressive this term in cricket.

We arrived at Calverton School on a sunny, warm afternoon. As it was a first fixture for some of our students it was understandable there were a few nerves in the air. 

We opted to bowl first.

I left it to the students to organise their positions in the field and noticeably some leaders emerged from the group. Denoshan, who has featured for our year 7s cricket team in the London cup was quick to organise and set the field really well. Jay, another student to feature for year 7s was also very vocal from behind the stumps as he took up his position as wicket keeper. Another student who was helping the team with her communication was Arya. With the field set and everyone in position the game began. It was a game of 12 overs. Calverton made a respectable 54 runs. GGSKC fielded very well and it was clear we were very organised and used useful communication throughout the first innings. Also our decision making was spot on. We limited Calverton’s runs and never gave away any runs through our own errors. Very proud to see the students putting what they have practiced in PE into action.

So with 54 being the target, first stepped up our youngest player in our team, Yusuf from year 4. He did not disappoint. Making an impressive 22 runs before being caught out. Denoshan, jay, Dharam, Amishi, Feba, Keerthan, Arya, Arjan, Aaron, Jasveer , Mushkaan, Pooja, Tejas all contributed to making runs when they had their opportunity to bat. Again decision making was very good. Knowing when to run and not to run was key to able us to try and win. It was also pleasing to see our team supporting and encouraging each other as each student stepped up to bat. The element of team spirit was very clear to see and hear.

After the 12 overs were bowled, GGGSK made an impressive 64 runs. Victory for GGSK


Team:  Denoshan, Dharam, Jay, Amishi, Arya, Jasveer, Mushkaan, Feba, Aaron, Yusef, Keerthan, Arjan, Ria, Tejas, Pooja