National StoryTelling Week

National StoryTelling Week

National Storytelling Week will take place between Saturday 30th January and Saturday 6th February 2016.

On Friday 5th February, students will be able to come into school dressed as their favourite story character.  We will also be holding a story writing competition, for details, see below.


Story writing competition & Readathon competition
Can you write an amazing story for this year’s National Storytelling Week?

To enter the competition your entry must be:
• An original idea
• Have an amazing beginning, middle and end
• bursting with adjectives and adverbs
• be detailed and descriptive ( while your teachers are reading, they should be able to imagine they are there in your story.... What can they see? Hear? Smell? Feel? )
• accompanied with illustrations for each stage/ chapter of your story

Entries to be handed to your class teacher by Friday 5th February

Winners announced in the storytelling week assembly Friday 1:30pm 

For pictures of the week, click here