Story Telling Week 2017

GGSK Primary had National Story Telling week from 30th January - 3 February 2017. Our mission was to encourage higher-level thinking skills as well as continuing to inspire and motivate the children's love of reading and writing stories.

Classes were captivated by stories from legendary myths and folk tales to traditional stories and fantastic fables from different parts of the world! These were read by older children (year 5 & 6) to the younger children. It was a great success and the peer support was enjoyed by all years.

Tuesday was an exceptional morning with the older children (year 4 to 6) busy writing a review of their favourite book. The EYFS had a great time singing different songs, which were randomly picked from a box!

On Wednesday, all primary classes, had students and staff decorating the classroom doors and windows with their favourite book covers, for which prizes were awarded. The week also had a surprise visit from the ‘Discover’ company on Thursday morning. During these sessions pupils explored books, built stories, and were engaged in related craft activities, all facilitated by the expert story builders. The week finished superbly with a story telling by the Gruffalo who used hand puppets for EYFS.