Physical Education

Physical Education


Lower Primary (KS1)

In PE, we focus on developing their hand and eye coordination as well as their communication skills.  Throwing and catching games is something we focus on whilst usingnumeracy to encourage them to work out a problem whilst carrying out a physical task.


Upper Primary (KS2)

During the PE lessons we play games that involve invasion, problme solving whilst using fundamental skills that relate to sports such as cricket, football, basketball etc.

This year we have been focusing on fielding and striking games. We have been developing space awareness when fielding, fielding high and low balls, throwing and catching and striking balls using cricket bats, tennis rackets and feet. The objective is for students to try outwitting their opponents by using strategies and tactics. Students are given opportunity to plan and explore ideas they feel are best to win. eg What was good? What could be done better? Etc. Each student has been assessed in the games that are played to track their progressions. All results will be given out at the end of the school year.