Mother Goose


It's the time of year when we indulge in a magical winter treat, and this year the Primary School pupils at GGSK College will be keeping their hands and toes toasty in the warmth of the school to welcome the 'Travelling Theatre Company.' 


They will be performing a funny and heart warming winter pantomime performance of 'Mother Goose' for all of our children within the Primary School to enjoy.


This delightful show is filled with slapstick comedy, magic, songs and audience participation in true pantomime tradition. The children will cheer Priscilla the Golden Goose and friends, as they try to escape the clutches of the evil cook Delia Sniff, who has plans to make poor Priscilla the ‘Dish of the Day’!


We will be welcoming the theatre company on Thursday 3rd December 2015, for a fun filled day of entertainment. 


Please visit our site again to see photos of the event.