Maths Week 2017

Maths Week 2017

Maths Week took place at GGSK College between 15th and 19th May 2017 for all primary classes between years 1 to 6.

During Maths Week, activities were designed to show how maths is related to the real world and that maths can be challenging, yet enjoyable!

On Monday the children experienced building a tall structure using marshmallows and toothpicks to support the weight of their structure. On Tuesday children used their understanding of fractions and engaged themselves using fractions in daily life.During the Maths show on Wednesday, KS1 children explored solid and flat shapes, counting, addition and subtraction methods and simple problem solving techniques. In the KS2 interactive version, children covered multiplication and subtraction, simple fractions, communication and reasoning and situational problem solving in addition to the use of precise mathematical language and vocabulary. On Thursday Students were asked to write 5 questions for their partner and exchanged the questions with them and answer each other’s questions. The questions were related to the playfield and what they observe in the field. On Friday, the Primary students presented their posters on their chosen mathematician’s life and achievements.

The children were rewarded with at the awards ceremony which took place on Friday afternoon.

For pictures of the week, please click here.