GGSKC V Robert Clack - 14/05/2021

Cricket fixture match report

Fixture: GGSK College vs Robert Clack school (Under 13s)

Date: Friday 14th May 2021

Result:     GGSK 69-7 Vs Robert Clack 65- all out (20 overs)

Man of Match: Jaiveer Johal


This was GGSK College’s first cricket fixture of the year. With GGSK’s team consisting of a mix of year 6, 7 and 8, the fixture was always going to be a challenge against a full year 8 Robert Clack.

Captain Yuvraj Flora, lost the coin toss and Robert Clack opted to bowl first.

In a low scoring game, a tentative GGSK took their time to build confidence into the game. Opening was Yuvraj and Jaiveer. With Robert Clack having strong pace bowlers, they took their first wicket early with Yuvraj being bowled out after only 5 balls. A lesson for the young captain that I know he will learn from. In stepped Aahaan who formed a good partnership with Jaiveer. The pair made many singles. Unfortunately a miscommunication led to Jaiveer being run out scoring 5 runs. In stepped Aum who equally formed a good partnership with Aahaan and the pair went on to hit a couple boundaries for four and several single runs. Aahaan was eventually bowled out after scoring 11 runs. In stepped Aryan who managed to score 2 runs before being bowled out. Jay, Avinesh, Aswath and Nimay were unable to score after being bowled out, leaving Aum and Sanraj to see out the last over.  With the added extras from wide, no balls and byes, GGSK scored 69 runs.

2nd innings

With a low score, GGSK would have to bowl and field exceptionally well.  And they did just that. With some extremely good bowling and a much organised field, GGSK were able to take all wickets conceding only 65 runs. To note Yuvraj Flora bowled 3 overs, giving 6 runs,  having 1 maiden and taking 1 wicket. Aahaan Srivastav followed suit bowling 4 overs, giving 5 runs, having 1 maiden and took 2 wickets. The star of the show and the Man of the match was our year 6 Jaiveer Johal. In his first competitive game for GGSK and playing 2 years up, Jaiveer bowled 4 overs, only giving 3 runs away, and taking an extraordinary 6 wickets!!!!! A hat-trick of wickets in one over.  A master class in bowling.

GGSK took all wickets within 12 overs, stopping Robert clack on a score of 65. A win for GGSK College.

We are very proud of our young cricket team and are very excited for our next fixture.

Well done boys!!!!!

Team: Jaiveer Johal, Nimay Dholakia, Sanraj Sanghera, Avinesh Sanjeev, Aum Patel, Aryan Thamaran, Aswath Ganaphathi, Yuvraj Flora, Aahaan Srivasta, Taj Sandhu, Jay Vijayan