GGSKC V Robert Clack - 16/06/2019

(2nd round)     GGSKC 88- 9 Vs  Robert Clack 79 – 7  (20 overs)     16/6/19

Win for GGSKC.

GGSKC won the coin toss and captain Vrisin opted to bat first.

Opening for GGSKC was Vrisin and Sai. The pair was under a lot of pressure with the Robert clacks bowlers bowling very aggressively, restricting us to singles at best for the first couple of overs. Due to the manner of the tenacious bowling it was no surprise that our batsman would have to defend the ball rather than play the shot. Unfortunately Sai tried to defend a ball that subsequently he missed and struck his leg in front of the wicket. He was out by LBW (leg before wicket) scoring zero. In stepped Niranjan.

Vrisin and Niranjan continued their familiar partnership, which saw Vrisins confidence grow as he started to find the boundary. Several balls bowled down his leg side were punished by Vrisin as he pulled the shots for the boundaries. He eventually got run out after bravely trying to make a double run for his team. Vrisin made 7 singles, 1 double and 4 boundaries for 4, taking his tally to 25.

Niranjan was next to be run out. A very tight call by the umpire brought an end to Niranjans innings. He made 5 singles and 1 boundary for 4 taking his tally to 9. In stepped keerthan.

Keerthan managed to make 4 singles before being run out. In stepped yusuf. Yusuf made2 singles before he too was run out. In stepped Jeet, who unfortunately was bowled out on only the second ball he faced, scoring zero. In stepped Jai. Some real good defensive shots but was unable to make any runs. In stepped Shyan. Shyan attempted to get some runs on the board. He used his physical attributes to try smash the ball a couple times without success. However he did manage to catch one that cleared the boundary for 6. He also made 1 single, taking his tally to 7 before he was run out. Akshit and Harjan managed to get a single run each before the innings come to an end.

Not our most convincing display in front of the stumps, but it was down to our bowlers and fielding to secure the win.

Second innings.

Our bowling was good, with our lines and pace being very consistent.  Throughout the 20 overs we only conceded one boundary for 4, restricting Robert Clack to only singles and doubles. Robert clack batsman ran relentlessly after striking the ball well but it was not enough for the well organised GGSKC field. GGSKC restricted them to just 79 runs from the 20 overs. A very mature performance from our squad.  Having played together as a group over the last 2 years, their experience showed and they secured the win.

Vrisin bowled 4 overs, taking 2 wickets and conceding 18 runs. Kerthan bowled 4 overs, taking 3 wickets, making 1 maiden and conceded only 9 runs. Niranjan bowled 4 overs, taking 1 wicket and conceded 12 runs. Sai bowled 4 overs, taking 1 wicket and conceded 25 runs. Yusuf bowled 2 overs, conceded 8 runs and Jai bowled 1 over conceded 6 runs.

We now advance to the quarter finals !!!!!!!!!

Team-  - Vrisin, Sai, Niiranjan, Keerthan, Yusuf, Jeet, Shyan, Rajan, Yuvraj, Akshit, Michael, Harjan.