GGSKC V Brampton Manor School

Gifford Cup

Away fixture vs Brampton Manor School on 15th May 2017.

GGSK set a target of   88-3 in 16 overs.

This year we had several debutants representing GGSK in cricket in the Gifford cup.  Vrisin (year 6), Keerthan (year 6), Sai (year 6), Michael, (year 7), Harvey (year 7) and Viraj (year 8).

Opening the batting was one of our youngest players, Vrisin who was partnered up by Jeet.  It was Vrisin that really stepped up and showed his talent with some excellent batting. He picked holes in the opposing team’s field. He found the boundary 4 times for 4 and made several singles. Very impressive, especially as he was playing a year up.  Jeet also made a boundry for 4 by cutting a ball that was bowled at pace through the gap of the fielding team. Eshen made two runs before being bowled out as well as Jeet after making 4 runs and Sai making zero. There were many extras giving for wide and no balls which tallied our runs up to 88.

2nd innings and it was our turn to bowl. Eshen being one our fastest bowlers bowled the first over. But with some intelligent batting the Brampton batsmen opted to flick and cut, which found our boundary many times. Brampton went on to reach our target going into the 12th over.

A promising performance from our young GGSK team.

Man Of the Match- Vrisin year 6