GGSKC VS LANGDON - 26/05/2019

GGSKC 107-6 VS LANGDON 64-7 (16 OVERS) Friday 26th May 2019


Our young GGSK college cricket team got off to a good start in the Green cup this year, with a convincing win over Langdon School.

Captain Vrisin lost the coin toss. Landon captain opted to bowl first which meant GGSK would have to set the target.

Opening for GGSK was captain Vrisin and Niranjan.The pair made a good partnership last year so confidence was high. The pair started off strong, making many singles in the opening overs. Vrisin was the first to make a boundary with a Four. After a few singles he was caught. A slight hesitation when striking off the back foot allowed an easy catch from the Langdon fielder. A mistake I know he will learn from. Vrisin made 1 four and 4 singles taking his tally to 8. In stepped Sai.

Niranjan made a few more singles and a boundary for four before being bowled out. Niranjan made 6 singles and 1 four taking his tally to 10. In stepped Keerthan.

Keerthan showed some good technique when batting but was unable to turn some good strikes into runs before being bowled out. In stepped Yusuf

Yusuf was a little hesitant in the crease. Something we spoke about after the game. However he did manage to make a boundary for four before being run out.

It was Sai who stole the show with his batting. He showed great composure and bravery without getting out. He made 4 boundaries for four, 2 boundary for 6 and 5 singles taking his tally to 33.

With extras given to us through wide ball, no balls and dead balls, GGSK had a target of 107 to defend.

 Into the second innings.

The team talk was to keep wide balls to a minimal and to try restricting Langdon to only making single runs off our balls bowled.

Disappointed after his batting, Vrisin was determined to make amends. He did just that. Bowling 3 overs given away just 1 wide and 3 singles from 18 balls bowled. Also making a maiden for one of the others. Keerthan bowled 3 overs giving away 12 runs. Niranjan bowled 3 overs giving away 17 runs. Rajan bowled 3 overs giving away 9 runs , he too making a maiden for one of his overs. Sai bowled 2 overs giving only 3 runs. Yusuf bowled bowled 1 over giving just 1 run and Harjan bowled 1 over giving away 9 runs. We held Langdon to 64 from the 16 overs.

Vrisin took 2 wickets, Niranjan took 2 wickets, Sai took 1 wicket, and Yusuf took 1 wicket.

Great win for GGSK College.