GGSKC vs Barking Abbey (16 overs) 10/5/18

Score: GGSKC 129-0

               Barking Abbey 102-7


GGSK captain Vrisin won the toss and opted to bat first.

First innings

Vrisin and Sai opened the batting which ended up in the pair staying in for the full 16 overs. It was something of a master class as the pair was very impressive in their batting. Sai (year 7) was outstanding making 5 boundaries for four, one triple, one double and three singles, taking his tally to 28. But it was Captain Vrisin who stole the show making an impressive 44 runs. The pair capitalised on errors from Barking Abbey, Maximising every opportunity with the extras. 129-0

Second innings

A confident GGSK took to the field. The tactical game plan was to restrict Barking Abbey to singles. However our young GGSK team which fielded three debutant Year 5 students showed a little inexperience as a team. At times we rushed the ball back to the stomps when Barking Abbey made their runs and ended up making errors and giving away far too many extras. Barking Abbey was quickly tallying up the runs on our errors. Vrisin managed to take three wickets. Yusuf (year 6) took one wicket. Niranjan( year 7) took one wicket. Jay (year 7) on his debut took one wicket. Vrisin as captain gave our youngest player yuvraj( year 5) a chance to bowl on his debut and he too managed to take a wicket. We have to give credit to Barking Abbey who managed to tally up an impressive 102-7 and made the game close. But it was through our own mistakes that allowed Barking Abbey to get anywhere near our score. This was an experience that will teach our players to remain calm and consistent in the field. A great win For GGSK Gifford cup squad.


Team: Vrisin (7), Sai (7), Akshit (7), Keerthan (7), Harjan (7), Jay (7),  Niranjan (7), Jeet (8),  Yusuf (6),  Yuvraj (5), Maneet (5), Vivaan (5)

MOM: Vrisin (year 7)