Team GB athlete visit

We have been very fortunate to host a fundraising fitness circuit event with Great Britain’s Olympic competitor of 2012 volley ball player Peter Bakare.

Students from year 1-6 were put through their paces with a fun fitness circuit. The exercises consisted of spotted dog, push ups, leg drives and star jumps. All exercises are used by almost all Great Britain’s athletes to improve co-ordination, core strength and fitness.

The very tall and very friendly athlete Peter was very popular with our students. Peter worked with all the students as they did their circuit.  Peter was encouraging, motivating and inspiring as he too joined in. It was also great to see the student’s class teachers getting involved also. An enjoyable event had by all.

After the circuit the students were then treated to an inspiring assembly by Peter Bakare. He spoke of his experience in the 2012 London Olympics and how he got into volleyball.  He demonstrated some of the skills and techniques used in volleyball and gave some students the opportunity to demonstrate in front of the assembly. Peter also encouraged our students to get involved in sports and to aim high and chase our goals in life. Students got to ask questions and speak with Peter after the assembly. A great afternoon had by all students and staff. Total money raised from this event will be revealed within the next couple of days. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those students that raised money from the sponsorship forms. Money raised will be disrupted between GGSK for sports equipment and team GB for funding athletes with training, equipment and accommodation at events.

Well done all students from years 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

PE Department

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