Study Skills Workshop - Year 7 & 8

On Thursday 6th December 2018, we will be holding Study Skills workshops for year 7 & 8.  Study Skills Zone have been helping students develop study, revision, planning and mindset skills for several years now.


As well as teaching students practical study and revision techniques, they also convey how critical ‘Growth Mindset’ is to academic achievement, so students will receive maximum ‘life skill’ value from the experience too. 

Students will:


  • Meet their amazing brains
  • Learn how to grow their brains
  • Be introduced to the ‘growth mindset’: that it’s effort and hard work, not IQ, that matters
  • Develop time management and memory techniques
  • Practice making learning ‘ACTIVE’ not ‘PASSIVE’
  • See how this makes for ‘high gear’ learning
  • Investigate positive study and homework habits
  • And much more!



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