Parent Power Workshop - 06/12/18

Empowering Parents to Support their Children's Learning 

On Thursday 6th December 2018 (4pm to 5.30pm) we will be holding a ‘Parent Power’ event for all Secondary and Sixth Form parents.  This will be run by ‘Study Skills Zone’.


Parent Power is about parental engagement in your child’s learning.  It is a practical, activity-based, interactive workshop.  It will empower you to feel more confident about helping your children develop essential study and revision techniques so as to become better learners and to succeed in their exams.


The workshop also introduces parents to all the concepts and vocabulary your children will have met in their study skills programmes.


From the outset, parents are encouraged to contribute and discuss with each other.  For example, we begin with an activity about what they think is the main distraction their child faces when revising for their exams.  Unsurprisingly, there is a great deal of consensus – which immediately conveys a sense of confidence, because they are not alone.


We will:

  • Share current research on the brain and learning
  • Explain the advantages of a ‘growth (rather than fixed) mindset’ and how this influences intelligence
  • Introduce parents to ‘Active Learning Techniques’
  • Give parents the knowledge and skills to help them feel more confident about supporting their child with homework, revision and examinations
  • Give parents an opportunity to talk to other parents, or carers, about learning and exams
  • And much more!
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