Langdon academy football tournament year 3-4

Unfortunately we were knocked out of the competition at the end of the group stage and were unable to advance to the next round.

After playing 4 games, we were unable to win a game. The other schools were very strong and we were just unable to compete. The majority of the schools had been participating in the Langdon academy partnership for many years. So the students were very comfortable in their surroundings. However for some of our students it was their first time they had competed in any competition of that size which seemed overwhelming for them at times. But this is the very reason I have entered our school into these competitions. To give them the experience and to show them what it is all about.

There were some positives to come from the day. Bhargav (y4) showed some bravery with his defending and Harshan (y4) showed some good goal keeping saves and some good passing and tackling when he came out on pitch.

All in all it was an experience that will build character for our young students.

Team- Harshan (y4), Harjinder (y4), Bhargav (y4), Jeevan (y4), Saran (y4), Jithin (y4), Dhian (y3), Sanraj (y3), Balal (y3)

Pe Department

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