Cricket Fixture Report - Gifford Cup

Score: GGSK 104-2
          Langdon 81-3

In our second fixture of the Gifford cup, our young GGSK squad travelled to Langdon Academy. Over the years we had failed to beat Langdon at cricket and were reminded of this fact by some staff at Langdon academy on arrival. But this was all about the change.

After gaining confidence from our last game, captain Vrishin won the coin toss and opted to bat first.  Vrishin and Sai opened the innings. Their partnership continued from the last game. Making  many singles. But it was sai who was run out first after making four singles. In stepped Keerthan. Vrisin and Keerthan were strking the ball around the field well, making many boundries. But it was Vrishin who went out next after being run out after gambling on a wide ball that was dropped by Langdon wicket keeper and was subsequently stumped out. Something I’m sure our Captain will learn from. Vrishin made eight singles and three boundaries for four. 20 runs scored by our captain. In stepped Niranjan. Keerthan and Niranjan stayed in till the end of the innings and there was some very impressive play by the duo. Keerthan racked up four boundaries for 4 and four singles. 20 runs made by Keerthan. Niranjan made the shot of the day by hitting a gigantic boundary for six. He attacked a full tossed ball bowled by the Langdon bowler which cleared the boundary by some distance. A round of applause echoed around the playing field as me, Langdon’s Pe Teacher and several parents watching clapped in appreciation of a fantastic shot. Niranjan made one boundary for 6 and five singles, scoring 11 runs. With many extras from wide balls and no balls GGSK scored 104-2

Second Innings

After scoring over 100 runs again, the instructions were again to limit Langdon to single runs and Bowl the ball in line with the stumps. We did just that. Vrisin bowled 4 overs, taking one wicket and 14 dot balls. (dot balls= balls bowled without opposing team scoring any runs). Keerthan bowled four overs with 16 dot balls. nIranjan also bowled four overs with 10 dot balls. Yusuf (year 6) bowled two overs with four dot balls. Vivaan (year 5) was given the opportunity to bowl his first over for GGSK College at secondary level and he impressed by bowling one dot bowl and only giving away three singles.  Sai bowled the last over after wicket keeping for the entire second innings. He took a wicket in this last over with a spin bowl that left the Langdon Batsman swinging the air as the bowl spun and hit the leg stump. It was a great way to end the match. Great win for GGSK

Team : Vrisin (7), Keerthan (7), Sai (7), Niranjan (7), Harjan (7), Akshit (7), Yusuf (6), Yuvraj (5), Maneet (5), Vivaan (5), Jeet (8)

MOM: Keerthan (year 7)

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