Primary Winter Show 2018

*Winter Show EYFS/KS1 is on Tuesday 11th December at 12:45pm.  Doors will open at 12:30pm.**EYFS - Nativity**Year 1 and Year 2 - Snow White and the Seven Elves**Winter Show for KS2 is on Wednesday 12th December at 12:45pm. Doors will open at 12:30pm.**Year 3 - Play: Big Bad Ben* *Year 4 - Play/Talent Show**Year 5 - Talent Show**Year 6 - Play: Away with the Manger

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Student Wellbeing

As part of our commitment to our student's wellbeing, we will be carrying out our Autumn term Wellbeing Survey's with all students year 3 to 13.   We will be using Edukit Insight to conduct these surveys.   We will use the information from the surveys to improve studenet wellbeing and increase the outcomes of intervention.   They will take place in late November until the end of term.

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Anti-Bullying Week

To promote Anti-Bullying week, the Head Girl and Head Boy have organised presentations for the whole school, from Early Years to Year 11. The presentations will be carried out by the 6th form, and will teach the students 'What is bullying'.  The 6th formers will act out different scenarios and give the students a chance to ask questions about bullying. Students will also be asked a range of different questions, to see their understanding of bullying, and then discussions will be carried out. Stu...

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Parent Power Workshop - 06/12/18

Empowering Parents to Support their Children's Learning  On Thursday 6th December 2018 (4pm to 5.30pm) we will be holding a ‘Parent Power’ event for all Secondary and Sixth Form parents.  This will be run by ‘Study Skills Zone’.   Parent Power is about parental engagement in your child’s learning.  It is a practical, activity-based, interactive workshop.  It will empower you to feel more confident about helping your children develop essential study and revision techniques so as to become better ...

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Study Skills Workshop - Year 7 & 8

On Thursday 6th December 2018, we will be holding Study Skills workshops for year 7 & 8.  Study Skills Zone have been helping students develop study, revision, planning and mindset skills for several years now.   As well as teaching students practical study and revision techniques, they also convey how critical ‘Growth Mindset’ is to academic achievement, so students will receive maximum ‘life skill’ value from the experience too.  Students will:   Meet their amazing brains Learn how to grow the...

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