Principal's Message

As you know, it was a complete shock for us, and everybody else, to get “inadequate”, after years of being an “outstanding” school.  We were madly focussed on helping individual children and getting the best results in their education and outcomes, where Ofsted accepted these to be of a “good” standard.


We took our eyes off some other “Independent School Standards” and were given a poor grade. 


We are pleased to inform everyone concerned, including current and prospective parents, that our action plan was approved by the DfE.  After some of the improvements there was an interim inspection to see the progress we had made. 


We are proud to announce most of the “Independent School Standards” have been met, and the remaining four will be, and could only be, completed when the school is closed in July and August due to the nature of the work, but we assure you we are confident that we will be able to complete everything before the new school year starts.


We are happy and proud to share this information that although it looked like a set-back, but with these improvements we can see the school will be performing at a much higher level that everybody will be proud of.   We hope this new achievement will alleviate any doubts, or concerns, any present or prospective parent may have.


If you need the full details of the progress, please read the full inspection monitoring report, dated 25th June 2018.


Thank you

Mr Toor