Assembley & PSHE Topics

Everyday, during afternoon assembley, the students present to other students information on a variety of topics.  The students research the topic themselves and are required to write their own dialogue which will be understood and appreciated by their peers.

The following topics have been covered so far:

1.Cleanliness in and out of school.

2. Importance of prayer and morning assemblies.

3. The importance of food and why we should not waste food.

4. Smoking and the negative effects of smoking.

5. Politeness and how do we put it in everyday life.

6. Respect – How do we show respect in and out of school.

7. Friendship – good friends and their importance.

8. Discipline – what is it? How does discipline contribute to success?

9. Time – Time Management and how does it help to our success.

10. Physical fitness – exercise and sports.

11. Gratitude – what is it? How do we show gratitude?

12. Obesity – How do avoid being obese?

13. Social Networking- Dangers looming!

14. Self-respect and self-esteem – how we develop our self esteem

15. Self-motivation- How to keep oneself motivated.

16. World Food Day

17. Remembrance Day

18. United Nations Day

19. Diwali Festival – its significance worldwide.

20. Anti-bullying week

21. Condemnation of terrorism, in whatever form, in line with events in Paris.

22. Children in need charity and importance.

23. World poetry day and importance of arts and creativity.

24. Our environment – Why we should protect it and how?

25. Black Friday

Future topics can be found here